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About Us

Liwayway is a food and beverage manufacturing company with the trademark Oishi. Oishi comes from the Japanese word meaning delicious.

Our history dates back to 1946, when a small family business engaged in the repacking of flour and coffee products was established. In 1966, the business was converted into a corporation, as it expanded into the distribution of pomade, candles, candies and sauces.

By 1974, Liwayway diversified into the manufacturing of snackfoods such as “Oishi Prawn Crackers” and “Kirei Yummy Flakes.” The snackfood business proved to be encouraging that the company eventually concentrated on this enterprise. Over the years, we invested in more sophisticated equipment to upgrade the quality of our existing products and to develop new ones to introduce to the market. “Oishi” became the patent brand for all our product lines, and has since established itself as a major player in the Philippine snack food market.

In 1993, we embarked on our first venture in China wherein we marketed our products under the brand “Oishi”, which in Chinese (上好佳) connotes “delicious, excellent and superior.” Having received the Shanghai Famous Brand and China Famous Brand recognition awards cemented us as a major snackfood player in the country and marked the beginning of the company’s international expansion into different territories. We are present in 11 countries and are known as “Rinbee” in Thailand and Cambodia.

Currently PT. Liwayway in Indonesia has set up two factories, the first factory in Cikarang, West Java and the second factory in Gresik, East Java. We continue to focus on creating quality food and drinks at competitive prices. We offer snacks with sweet and savory taste as well as seafood snacks. Food and beverages produced at PT. Liwayway is registered HALAL from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and has met the standards of the Indonesian National Agency for Drug and Food Control (BPOM).


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